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Breathe's Got Talent 2020

breathe's got talent


Breathe's Got Talent will be streamed LIVE from our studio at 4.30pm on Sunday, 20 December 2020. 


  • Solo - $50/person entry fee*
  • Duo (2 people only) - $30/person entry fee

*Collections will go towards supporting our performers for this showcase.


  • 1 overall winner (either solo or duo - not PER category)
  • Show Virtuoso - Teachers' Choice Award
  • Most Creative Choreography & Theme
  • Most Entertaining
  • Best Costume
Prizes include Breathe class credits, lifestyle, wellness perks and F&B perks, pole apparel/accessories and heels.


    • 60% viewer votes, 40% judges' points (musicality and flow, showmanship, creativity/originality, costuming, execution).
    • Judges: Christine (Oma) + 2 sponsor judges.
    • Only viewers who have purchased a ticket are eligible to vote (i.e. one vote per login email).


    • Participants must be a student of Breathe Dance Co (at any point in time; workshops and private classes included).
    • Private classes CANNOT be used to create choreography (only to clean up tricks/combos).
    • There must be an element of pole in your choreography (i.e. not pure chair or floorwork only). Acceptable pole elements can be exotic/pole flow moves, pole-with-chair, pole-with-floorwork, and of course level pole choreographies (contemporary, rock, lyrical etc).
    • Minimum duration of performance is 3min and maximum must not exceed 3min 30sec per item.
    • Participants will be asked to submit their music either as Spotify links or MP3 audio files (if edited).
    • Duo items must be non-contact and cannot share poles.
    • Costuming must be tasteful and have ample coverage (no thongs/g-strings, nipple tassels or nudity allowed).
    • Performers agree to attending an in-house photo shoot for publicity/promotional purposes. The date(s) / time(s) will be confirmed later.
    • The cost of costuming, props, accessories etc is to be borne by performers.
    • No feathers, glitter or confetti to be used. Also no full body paint or anything that will stain/rub off on the poles/floor.


    • Preview of 2021 Term 1 routines by Breathe instructors.
    • Surprise half-time guest performance.


      Can I enter in both categories?
      Yes, you may enter in both the solo AND duo category if you choose.

      What level do I have to be at to sign up?
      There are no restrictions. All levels are welcome.

      Must I wear heels?
      Heels are not mandatory.

      Must I wear a mask during my performance?
      You may remove your mask during your actual performance. Otherwise, masks are to be kept on at all other times.

      Will there be a full dress rehearsal?
      We will organise a full dress rehearsal / run one week (or earlier) before the actual event.

      Will contestants get pole practice slots in the studio before the event?
      Yes, there will be performers-only practice slots set aside for all contestants (free of charge) and these will be announced later. Please note that these practice slots will be held outside of normal studio/class times.

      Can I state my preference for stainless steel / brass pole to be used for my performance?
      Yes we will contact all participants about what poles you prefer to use and allocate accordingly in our staging / filming area on Level 10 of our studio (in front of the logo wall).

      Can I use 2 poles if I'm a solo performer?
      Soloists can switch from one pole to another (max 2 poles). Duos are not allowed to trade/switch poles due to spacing and sanitization requirements.

      Will contestants get to watch each other during the event?
      Contestants will be given login access to watch from the holding rooms. We will also have a videographer and photographer capturing each item and all performers will get a copy of their showcase item.

      I need to drop out due to injury/personal reasons. Can I request a refund?
      There will be no refunds/credits of the entry fees or ticketing fees under any circumstances.