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The Recital 2020




  • Audition sign-ups are now closed
  • Sat 7 March (5-7pm) & Sun 8 March (3-5pm): Auditions
  • Mon 16 March: Audition results
  • 27 April - 21 June: Term 3 Recital Training
  • 22 June - 16 August: Term 4 Recital Training
  • Fri, 7 August (6.30 - 10.30pm): FULL DRESS REHEARSAL at venue


Each genre will include 10-14 performers and choreography/moves will be made suitable for students at various levels (1, 2, 3 and/or X).
  • Lyrical (Group 1): Viv & Michelle
  • Lyrical (Group 2): Viv & Huishi
  • Contemporary Pole: Jen & Tiff
  • Rock: Tania & Farhana
  • Tooshie: Saddy & Farhana
  • Exotic Pole Flow: Jen & Saddy
  • Pole Tease: Jen & Viv
  • Power Heels: Tania & Oma Chris (pole dance incorporating elements of Tease, Superslinky and Pole Choreo)


  • 1-minute+ video snippets for each genre are posted on our private Facebook community group chat, for auditionees to learn.

AUDITION: Saturday 7 March

5pm Lyrical Group 1
5.30pm Lyrical Group 2
6pm Rock
6.30pm Tooshie


AUDITION: Sunday 8 March

3pm Exotic Pole Flow
3.30pm Contemporary Pole
4pm Pole Tease
4.30pm Power Heels




(May be subject to change)

8.40 - 10.10pm 9.30 - 11am 2.20 - 3.50pm 10.40am - 12.10pm
Mon Pole Tease
Tue Tooshie
Wed Lyrical Group 1
Thu Contemporary Pole
Fri Rock
Sat Lyrical Group 2 Power Heels
Sun Exotic Pole Flow



  • $400 per term per recital item choreography, which includes:
    • Term 3: 1.5hrs per week of instructor-led class
    • Term 4: 1.5hrs per week of instructor-led class + 1hr weekly self-practice class slot
    • Term Break (17 - 22 August): Each recital group will be allocated 3hrs of instructor-led training (in studio) + one MANDATORY FULL DRESS REHEARSAL at venue
  • Recital fee DOES NOT INCLUDE performance costumes / heels / props / performance tickets.
  • Fees for both terms (Term 3 and 4) are to be paid before the start of recital training. 
  • All students participating in the recital are required to sign up for at least one additional course in each term (term 3 & 4). If a student is performing in 2 recital dance choreographies, the 2nd recital item may be considered as the additional course for the same term.
    • In term 3, the additional course signup can be any class featured in the timetable excluding Stretch and Adult Ballet, and will enjoy a 10% discount.
    • In term 4, the additional course signup can be any course featured in the timetable including Stretch and Adult Ballet.


How many choreographies can I sign up to audition for?
Each student can sign up to audition for a maximum of 2 recital items. Based on the outcome of the audition, if you are successful for both items, you can choose to sign up for just one, or both of those recital training courses in Term 3 and 4.

I have completed Pole Foundations & currently attending pole level 1 classes. Do I still stand a chance in participating and be successful in the audition?
The recital is open to all Breathe students in level 1, 2, 3 and X, as long as you have completed Pole Foundations. Just come try! Each item will be choreographed to take into account the different skill levels of all students who are performing it.

What if I cannot attend the actual audition on 7/8 March?
Please notify us in writing, together with supporting documents for your absence (e.g. trip booking). We ask this so as to be fair to those who make the effort to attend the audition.

Absentees may submit a video of yourself performing the 1min audition snippet. The video must be recent and done in a single take i.e. unedited. It may be filmed at any venue with a pole.

Breathe Dance Co reserves the right to reject any video submission that is extracted from a past class/performance.

Are there any other Terms and Conditions for the recital signup?
These will be announced in due course, at a later date.

What if I am missing recital training classes due to work/sickness/travel?
All recital students are expected to commit to 75% attendance of the recital training time slots. In fairness to your fellow performers, recital students who miss 2 or more consecutive lessons in a row must book private lessons at their own cost to catch up on missed choreography.

I found out I have a work trip on recital performance date after training has started. Can I request a refund?
There will be NO REFUNDS under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (including pregnancy) when Term 3 and Term 4 have started.

Breathe Dance Co reserves the right to evaluate medical submissions (excluding pregnancy) on a case-by-case basis, with no guarantees of credits/refund (prorated or otherwise).