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Adult Ballet (Open)

Adult Ballet (Open)

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8-week adult beginner ballet course suitable for all levels. No prior experience required.

Term 2 starts the week of 2 March 2020.

Individual drop-in classes are available throughout the term at $32 per 1-hour class (except where classes are full). Please email us to enquire about drop-ins.

Our professional ballet instructors combine dance and conditioning in this course, which introduces ballet fundamentals, hand/feet positioning, posture and alignment. You will work on fluidity of the arms and carriage of the body through various short series of movements done to music, both on the barre and off.

Barre work will focus on activating your centre/core and limbs, while movements off the barre include petit allegro (small jumps) and adagio (slow, controlled) moves.

Attire: Fitted tank top/tee and leggings or ballet leotard. Ballet slippers optional.