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Aerial Inverts (90min) - Mei Ting

Aerial Inverts (90min) - Mei Ting

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Calling all level 2/intermediate polers who want more dedicated time breaking down and refining your aerial inverts - this Tech "2-torial" is for you!

Conditioning work will be geared towards strengthening and better activation, so as to smoothen your entry to/exit from a basic aerial invert, with tips and strategies for different body types and ability levels.

This Tutorial class will cover aerial inverts into outside and inside leg hangs, with combo add-ons for higher-level participants.

For those who've got their basic aerial inverts down pat, this class is a good opportunity to level up by bringing your heels for a whole new experience, and/or incorporating transitions, flows and simple variations into your combination of tricks.

This one-off holiday class is part of a pole techniques collection that is designed to give you the extra "tuition" on your nemesis tricks/combos, with extra time to drill down and troubleshoot "stuck" points so that we can help you get past the hurdles to the next level.

Prerequisites: Pole Techniques 2 (current/repeater) or intermediate equivalent. Not recommended for those who are brand new to aerial inverts, as class time will be dedicated to refining tricks/combos - with an expectation that participants have already learned the tricks prior.


    Terms & Conditions:

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