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Hammock Choreo Beginners

Hammock Choreo Beginners

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Start here if you're a newcomer looking to try a beginner-level aerial hammock choreography for the first time.

This is a progressive 8-week aerial hammock choreography course. Classes are one hour per week for 8 consecutive weeks and there is no performance showtime in Week 8.

Term 6 runs from 24 October to 18 December 2022.

You will learn a range of fundamental aerial hammock tricks and combinations that are progressively woven into a choreographed routine (one full song) over the duration of the course. The focus will be on lines and stability in your spins and executions.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites and this course is open to absolute beginners / first-timers, no experience needed. You do not need to have a dance background or meet any fitness requirement.

Please note, however, that if you have prior injuries or medical concerns, do seek clearance from a medical professional.

Progression to: Level 1 aerial hammock courses in our studio.


  • A fitting, sleeved top that fully covers your shoulders, underarms and torso (no cap sleeves/sleeveless wear, midriffs or loose tops that can ride up).
  • Full-length leggings or bottoms that are fitted and stretchy, and cover your legs to the ankles (no netted/slash design leggings that leave areas of your legs exposed).
  • No jewellery or accessories that will catch and tear the hammock fabric (rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, spiky/dangling piercings).
  • Socks may be worn during warm-up; otherwise barefoot.