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RollaBola Prop Flows

RollaBola Prop Flows

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Join Pilates instructor, Jen Goh, in this pilates-based course designed for pole dancers and aerialists. Moves will focus on using props such as foam rollers and balls, with flow sequences designed to keep your dancing body strong and balanced, as well as support rehab when you're working through injury recovery.

All levels welcome.

Term 6 runs from 24 October to 18 December 2022.

Why does Pilates benefit dancers?

“Dancers spend [a lot of] time in the studio, dedicating themselves to their art.. and it takes its toll on the body. Pilates helps them to rectify the imbalances they tend to create in the studio. With choreographers and teachers demanding daily perfection, Pilates allows dancers the space they need outside of class to re-balance, release and re-connect.” - Marc Cassidy, dancer and Pilates studio owner

Why else is Pilates important for dancers? (Source >)

  • Pilates is a perfect way for aspiring dancers to protect themselves from incurring injury due to muscle weakness or low range of motion. Pilates focuses on fluid, controlled motions, which is an ideal method for dancers, and many of the movements are mirrored in their classes. Those who struggle with hypermobility and flexibility appreciate this exercise method as well, because the motions and movements are meant to strengthen the muscle groups to increase control and precision so that students won’t injure themselves by overstretching or over-extension.
  • Pilates is perfect for strengthening the core and back. As a dancer continues to take the exercise method, his or her core is strengthened, giving the artist more control for leaps, turns, and complicated combinations. A strong back is also vital to a dancer’s success as it provides better posture and brings a greater range of motion to the spine and arms.
  • Pilates is a wonderful exercise and strengthening option for dancers because it builds long, lean muscles. The exercise method continuously stretches the muscles, so that the muscle strands build longer rather than create bulk. Pilates also increases and builds technique, as it focuses on graceful and fluid movements that are the basis for many dance genres. As a dancer continuously commits himself or herself to the method, he or she will grow muscle memory and strength so that the technique and precision of his or her art is increased.


"So glad to have chosen Jen's Pilates class over sleeping in on a Sunday morning. The variety of exercises not only brought relief to my tired and heavy body from sitting in front of the computer all day long...she also worked on strengthening my muscles too (get ready for some surprises from learning about muscles you never knew existed). You might just feel a few cm taller after the session!" - T.C.

"The body perception work, such as the pelvic clock, were great!" - J.H.

"Jen is detailed in her demos on the correct posture to take. She really looked at us and corrected us on the spot. My core was working and I felt the effects after class. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next one." - K.P.

"Jen was attentive to my injuries and was able to give me alternatives. The class was easy to follow and no apparatus needed! Definitely a good class to start/maintain core at home." - L.C.

Attire: Form-fitting top, leggings, socks. You'll also need: Yoga mat and a towel (big enough to be folded into a pillow).