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Photo Shoot Tips

We've compiled a list of important things to take note of - based on our collective experience in preparing for and being in multiple photo shoots over the years. We hope you find this useful!

WAY Before the Shoot - Poses

  • Do your research: Look at other photo shoots, some easy moves look amazing while some very tough ones don’t.
  • Practise your tricks: You will be asked to do - AND HOLD - your chosen poses a number of times to get the shot at its best angle and lighting. It is best to practise your chosen moves well ahead of time so that you can dictate which way you will be facing for the best shots (particularly important for inverted pole moves).
  • Pick moves you are confident holding, and practise holding those for up to 20 seconds as part of your strength training leading up to your photo shoot. Take your own photos at different angles and review the outcomes to see what looks best.
  • Be realistic: Don’t pick a hard move that you can’t do confidently if your shoot is next week.  Don’t include something you can only do once. If you haven’t done a move before, don’t include it.  You're likely to have to repeat the moves so as to get the best possible results. There will be no instructions provided during the photo shoot by the instructors.
  • Plan for more poses than what your package allows. If it’s a 4-photo package, have 6-8 poses rehearsed and prepared. Don’t plan your nemesis moves unless you’re happy with your rehearsal draft shots and don't look like you’re straining to hold them. Plan easy moves if you want to look like you’re sipping a cocktail on holiday - these can look great too!


  • Plan your wardrobe REALLY well ahead of time, keeping in mind shipping/delivery times if you're ordering apparel - especially if sizes/styles don't turn out the way you expected.
  • Make sure your outfits FIT. Make sure they work with the backdrop colour(s).
  • If you’re planning to wear a flowy skirt or sleeves, remember they’ll flow towards the ground in whatever pose you’re in (because gravity), including if you're upside down (i.e they’ll be hanging over your face)! 
  • Does that beautiful strappy new pole top hold you in when you’re upside down? Check it way before the shoot! Wardrobe malfunctions don’t help with nerves.
  • Absolutely make sure your underwear is smaller than the outfits you’re wearing on top (includes bra straps etc).
  • If you’re planning to wear something that needs holding together with safety pins, forget it and use something else. It will fail during the shoot! 
  • Always have more than one outfit in case your intended outfit meets with an accident.

The Day Before Your Shoot

  • Eat and drink well. Don’t try to "look skinny"; a lack of energy will ruin your shoot.  
  • Turn up early enough before your slot to warm up and be in your chosen outfit and ready to go at your start time. One hour before is a good time to arrive to warm up and change into your outfit.  Do your makeup at home prior to coming into the studio.

During the Shoot

  • Photography productions can allow up to 10 people on set.
  • Bring photos of the poses you’re going to do and have a short discussion, if necessary, with the instructors and photographer.
The purpose of the photo shoot is to commemorate your pole journey and to celebrate how far you have come with this amazing sport. ENJOY IT!