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Our Crew

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Studio Owners

Christine Yim

Breathes Dancer

Chris moved from the world of aerospace engineering to vertical engineering - discovering pole dancing in 2012.

She expanded on her newfound hobby in 2014 by becoming the woman behind well-known polewear boutique Love To Be Me / @shop.lovetobeme.

Chris holds the reins on our pole engineering, operations, spreadsheets and pesky paperwork and you can follow her shenanigans @rockaoma.

She has competed in:

  • 2017 Amateur Night, The Brass Barre
  • 2016 SLAP Showdown (3rd Place)
  • 2015 Amateur Night, Bobbi (Best Costume)

    Vivienne Tan

    Pole Dancer Singapore 3

    Viv first donned her classical ballet shoes at the age of 6. She has not stopped twirling since.

    Her extensive dance career has played out on stage in numerous performances - both as a dancer and a choreographer.

    Vivienne has been pole dancing since 2010 and takes the lead on our Lyrical, Broadway/Burlesque styles, children’s dance programmes and stage performances.

    • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), UK
    • Commonwealth Society of Teachers Dancing (CSTD), Australia
    • BA (Hons) Dance Theatre, LABAN UK - scholarship
    • Diploma in Dance (Presidential Distinction), LaSalle SIA College of the Arts
    • Deputy Chief Choreographer, 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies
    • Choreographer, Culture and Education Programme, SYOG 2010
    • Singapore Arts Festival 2007 & 2009

    Follow her: @poppidiamond #viviennetanchoreography


    Jennifer Pau

    Jen has been performing for television productions, concerts, musicals and corporate events since the age of 7.

    Her versatility as a dancer and choreographer is demonstrated in the many styles of dance that she is adept in - from her experience in ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary work with various dance companies in Singapore and overseas.

    Jen has been pole dancing since 2010 and helms our Training Programme. She is also the creative genius behind our Dance Tech, Contemporary and Flow choreographies.

    • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), UK
    • BA Fine Arts, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia - scholarship
    • Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)
    • LaSalle SIA College of the Arts
    • Assistant Creative Director, 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games Closing Ceremony
    • Artistic Director, National Heritage Board (Singapore Heritage Festival)
    • Choreographer and Performer, National Arts Museum - Singapore Night Festival & Helix Bridge Opening

    Follow her: @pauhsiaofern


    Tania Chew

    Pole Dancer Singapore 5

    Resident rock chick, T, doesn't have a career-dancer story. Hers, instead, is a corporate-marketer-turned-pole-dancer journey that began from a single pole trial class once upon a time in 2010.

    She had a little help from a varied background in gymnastics, windsurfing, tree-climbing and singing in the shower.

    Tania has been a pole dance instructor since 2010 and champions our Rock, Late Night T-ease and children’s gymnastics classes.

    She is also the hamster behind the wheel of all our tech geekery (often making small sacrifices to the powers that be during booking season in the hope that nothing breaks on the website).

    Performances and choreographies that she is proud of include:

    • Asia Pole Championship, 2016-2018
    • Miss Pole Dance Australia
    • Toggle TV
    • W!LD RICE Rice Ball
    • Singapore Night Festival

    Follow her @tlovesbeer - so you know what to bring her!


    Our Amazing Dance Crew

    Huishi Wong

    Pole Dancer Singapore 4

    Huishi started her journey as an athlete, building her stamina, endurance for pain and abs of steel through a combination of endurance running and eluding brawny defenders on the soccer pitch.

    She balances her strength and tenacity against some hard-earned flexibility and gracefulness to continue challenging herself and growing as a dancer and choreographer.

    Huishi has been a pole dance instructor since 2016 and spends her days exploring the most painless and effortless tricks for her Pole X choreographies.

    Huishi has no dance certifications. She does have a Bachelor in Business Management.

    Get conned at @maiebelo.


    Vanessa Garnell

    Pole Dancer Singapore 1

    Vanessa started training to be a ballet dancer at the age of three under the Royal Academy of Dance (UK). In school, she pursued other genres including Jazz, Modern Dance and Contemporary.

    She won 1st runner up in The Royal Dance-Off Duet (contemporary) competition in 2015, the silver award for Neoclassical/Contemporary Ballet solo category in 2010 and bronze award for the Classical Ballet solo category in 2009 in the CSTD Asia-Pacific Dance competition.

    Vanessa has performed in many institutions in Singapore, went to Manila to perform in 2012, and represented Singapore in Macau’s Arts Festival in 2010.

    Her passion for teaching dance started in 2002 and she pursued it full-time in 2013. She is a certified RAD registered teacher and teaches ballet to students from 4 years and up.

    Vanessa found pole in 2014 and started teaching in 2015. She enjoys teaching all levels and specialises in ballet, lyrical and contemporary styles.


    Sadhana "Saddy" Jayaseelan

    "I have no ballet or formal dance training at all! I started learning to point my toes when I began my pole journey in March 2013 after stalking some of my senior instructors then #truth. Back then, I could not even touch my toes. Now I can accidentally kick myself in the head with 8-inch heels. I feel smarter each time this happens."

    Saddy's "everything" began in team sports. Paddling across water with her dragon-boating team, creating their own rhythms, drumbeats and synchronies. She's enjoyed many heart-stopping races and earned quite a few shiny medals for her efforts.

    She has, however, since put down her paddle in exchange for the pole - something she deems as being equally strengthy, challenging, beautiful and fierce. The 8-inch heels are an upgrade, literally, UP.

    Saddy is the creative genius behind our Tooshie class choreographies, and takes joy in the "many fantabulous instructors and friends to make me braver and better. These days I feel I'm living a little better, breathing a little deeper, dancing a lot harder."

    Penny Pun

    Penny uncovered the power of movement as a form of self-expression at age 7 when she started Chinese dance. Over the years, her love for music and rhythm led her to explore other genres and compete in artistic rope-skipping, cheerleading and modern dance.

    She hasn’t stopped spinning since she first got on the pole in 2012 and the started teaching pole dance in 2015.

    These days she splits her time between Singapore and the UK, where she also teaches at Pole Sensations.

    Follow her @ynnepp where she won’t con you, but tells it like it is. Loudly. Repeatedly.


    Regina Goh

     Pole Dancing Instructor Singapore

    Regina fell in love with the power of expression through dance and movement at age 19. Her training and love for the art grew when she danced with the Nanyang Technological University MJ dance club. Since then, she has performed in several prestigious events and concerts, including the Soundwaves.

    A well-rounded dancer with diverse styles, Regina is recognised for her grace, beauty and musicality.

    Regina started pole dancing in 2012 and started teaching in 2015. Follow her at @regreginareggie.


    Sera Wan

    Sera has her dance foundations in ballet, Chinese dance and contemporary dance, which started during her younger days.

    To fuel her passion for dance and all things aerial, Sera dabbled in aerial silks, lyra, cube and acroyoga, finally chancing upon and falling in love with the pole in 2016. She started teaching in 2018.

    What attracted her to pole dancing is the variety of music genres and dance styles that it encompasses, and how it allows her to express her sensuality, strength and grace. Her day job sees her working in the male-dominated construction industry, so pole dancing gives her an avenue to get vain and “hiao it out”. How else would anyone in their daily lives get to do so?

    Put on your dancing shoes and come play with Sera!


    Farhana Dewi Dawood

    Farhana has her dance foundations in ballet having started dancing at three years old. She fell out of ballet because puberty, leotards and self-consciousness were not a good mix, but continued dancing through school CCAs. She got to try a myriad of dance styles from Jazz to Contemporary and Malay and Indian Dance, and competed in multiple SYFs.

    Working in kids' gymnastics led Farhana to aerial silks but she still sorely missed dancing. She found a pole trial two years ago and hasn't looked back since. She loves how pole combines dance and strength training all in one, and most of all, she loves how accepting and loving the pole community is.

    You can find the shenanigans Farhana gets up to @farhanaconda.


    Tiffany Ngiam

    Tiffany started classical ballet at the age of 15, having previously done Chinese Dance in school, competed in SYF and performed at events such as the NDP and Chingay parades, as well as the Asian Youth Games opening ceremony.
    Over the years, she continued to explore other different genres including hip hop, contemporary and dancesport, before chancing upon pole dancing. Since the first spin, she's grown to love how pole dancing can be soft and expressive in one choreography just like ballet, yet strong and powerful in another. Through exposure in different styles of pole dancing, she is more confident and less embarrassed during sensual choreography.
    For Tiff, "Dancing serves as a mini getaway from school and my super technical engineering day job!"

    Follow her dance adventures at @twinkletoestiff. Psst, remember to point your toes!

    Jennifer Goh

    Jennifer's journey with dance started at the age of five when her parents signed her for ballet.

    During her university days and through NUS Dance Ensemble, she was given multiple opportunities to explore other dance genres like Modern Dance, Jazz and Contemporary and to work with renowned choreographers. She took her first pole dancing class in 2012 and has remained in a committed long-term relationship with the pole ever since. She loves pole dancing for its versatility and its ability to empower women. Jennifer has choreographed and performed solo at the Singapore Night Festival from 2014 to 2017.

    She is also Polestar Comprehensive Studio Trained and is planning to take her Pilates Instructor certification exams later in 2021.

    Follow her @vanillautopia.


    Michelle Chye

    Michelle began dancing at the age of 4, and hasn’t stopped since! She completed the RAD Ballet Graded Syllabus and, while in university, was appointed the ballet teacher and choreographer for her dance troupe, DanceMania. Michelle continued to explore a multitude of dance genres before finally discovering her love for pole dancing in 2013.

    Whilst living in the UK, Michelle joined the Glasgow University Pole Dancing Club (GUPDC) where she gained valuable experience performing as a solo artist. She represented her dance troupe and competed both nationally and internationally in several competitions including:

    • 2017 Scottish University Pole Dance Championships, Advanced Category  (2nd Place)
    • 2016 International Pole and Aerial Tournament, Advanced Category (3rd Place)
    • 2016 Miss & Mister Pole Scotland, Advanced Category (3rd Place)
    • 2015 Glasgow Uni’s Got Talent (Winner)

    Michelle loves how supportive the pole community is, and she's made many of her best friends through a shared love of the sport. Follow her pole journey at @mademoichelle_


    Teresa Chen

    Teresa first took to the "stage" goofing around the doorsteps of her grandfather’s provision shop as a kid. She then spent 9 years doing what she loves, which is singing. During her journey through multiple choir performances, she describes singing as the ultimate workout of the respiratory system, requiring elegance at times and, at other times, simply being loud. She was exposed to the beauty of theatre in her late teenage years, and pursued her degree in Theatre Studies before going on to immerse herself in the world of drama on a real stage.

    Teresa’s spark for pole dancing came from a random trial class back in 2017 that her elder sister dragged her to. That first little spark has now become a huge passion, and she has not stopped her spinning love affair with the pole ever since.

    Follow her @illusionist_tc