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Studio Policy

We look forward to dancing with you. This is Breathe Dance Company’s Studio Policy and contains really important stuff that you agree to at the time you make your course booking via the checkbox when you complete your purchase(s).


ALL PURCHASES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. Once you complete payment on your bookings, they are final so please make sure you consider your health as well as all work, travel and other commitments beforehand.

We will not refund, credit, roll over, prorate or transfer any missed or unused class time/credits, without exception. This includes work schedules, previous or pre-existing medical conditions, as well as personal emergencies.

Please refer to our website timetable for the most up-to-date schedule of classes. This schedule is regularly updated throughout the term, so it's useful to check back from time to time.

Your enrolment in class(es) is only confirmed once Breathe Dance Company has received full payment for the courses. Online banking payments via PayNow (for those with Singapore-based bank accounts) need to be completed at the time of booking in order to secure your spot - PayNow payment delays may result in your booking spot(s) being released.

All classes, privates, rentals and bookings must be paid for before they commence.

Once confirmed, you must attend classes in the term that they are purchased, as Breathe Dance Company will not roll classes over into subsequent terms.





Any request to change a term course must be submitted in writing via email to welcome@breathedance.co. You will need to top up the difference in course fee if you are making a change to a course of a higher value.

NO CLASS CREDIT will be issued for switching to a course of a lower value, so please consider your classes and commitments carefully before making your bookings.

There is a $20 administrative fee per change request if:

  • the request is made 48 hours or less before the term start date
  • the change is due to your signing up for a class level that you are not ready for or qualified to take (and did not seek clearance with an instructor prior to booking)
  • more than one change request is submitted within the same term booking period


    We would love to have every single class on our timetable run as scheduled. Unfortunately the stars sometimes just don't align, such as (but not limited to) when:

    • a term course has fewer than 6 sign-ups (unless otherwise stated)
    • disruptions to operations occur due to electrical/plumbing, health and safety issues or other hiccups beyond our control #firstworldproblems
    While Breathe Dance Company reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or change any class/course, trial, pole practice or workshop up to and including the date of its scheduled occurrence, we will make every effort to notify you as promptly as possible and offer alternative options such as:
    • Enrolling in another class without incurring an administrative fee, or
    • Receiving class credits if a suitable alternative isn't available - credits will be valid for one term (8 weeks) from the date of issue



    All private classes/packages need to be fully paid for before the start of the first class. Please read the descriptions on the different private class options and the validity of each, as extensions or refunds will not be given for lapsed or expired packages.

    Any change(s) to pre-arranged private session bookings need to be communicated to our studio and/or your instructor at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled class.

    Last-minute cancellations or changes made less than 24 hours prior may result in that class time being forfeited and considered utilised.

    Please be punctual. No extra time will be added if you are late for your scheduled private session. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your instructor reserves the right to cancel the session and your class time may be forfeited and considered utilised.



      If you are unable to attend your scheduled class, you can attend a make-up class of the same class type on another day/time within the same term - provided that the class is not full (eg. Pole Foundations on Monday can make up in Pole Foundations on Wednesday; or Lyrical 2 Tuesday can make up in Lyrical 2 on Saturday), or if someone is able to do a mutual swop with you.

      • Make-up classes may be taken in advance if you know your work/travel schedule ahead of time. Please put up a post in our closed Facebook student group to see if anyone would like to swop with you.
      • Stretch classes can be used for all make-ups if you are unable to attend a make-up of your same class type.
      • For all 7-week choreography courses: If you choose not to perform in Week 8, there are NO MAKE-UPS for an 8th class.
      • You cannot make up in a class of a different type (Eg. Pole Flow 1 in place of Lyrical 1; or Flexology in place of Pole Tech 2).
      • You cannot make up an adult class with a junior class.
      • There is no class credit/refund if you cannot attend any of the available make-up options.

      Priority will be given to those who are regularly enrolled in those classes and paid drop-ins (where applicable).



      Performance Week runs in the 8th week of every term (except for the remainder of 2020):

      • Monday to Thursday evenings at 8pm and Saturdays at 1.30pm.
      • There is no showtime on Fridays and Sundays.
      • Dancers are to do their own warm-ups at 6.30pm and rehearsal starts at 7pm on the weekdays (warm-up at 12pm and rehearsal at 12.30pm on Saturday)
      • Performers must attend rehearsal in order to be allocated a pole/space.

      For all 7-week choreography courses (including lunch time courses) that have week 8 scheduled for performances:

      • There is no class in Week 8.
      • Make-up classes need to be completed by Week 7 of the term that you have enrolled in.
      • There is no make-up class allowance if you choose not to participate in Week 8 performances.
      • You cannot make up for Week 8 with a non-choreography class (eg. Stretch) if you choose not to perform.

      All 8-week non-choreography courses continue as scheduled in Week 8 of term.



      Pole Practice spots are updated weekly so please check our website for availability.

      Pole Practice bookings are final and non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a Pole Practice session that you have booked, please find someone to take over and email welcome@breathedance.co about the name swop 24 hours before the practice session starts.

      No-shows or missed practice sessions for any reason will not be refunded.

      Each Pole Practice booking is for one person and no sharing of poles is allowed.

      For your own safety during Pole Practice, do not accept instruction from anyone except a trained instructor from our studio. Breathe Dance Company is not liable for any injuries that might result from unsupervised Pole Practice sessions and/or from attempting moves under the guidance of non-instructors.



      PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE as you will not be allowed to participate in class past 5 minutes into warm-ups.

      This is a safety issue, and we ask that you respect both our instructors and other students by showing up on time as tardiness is disruptive to the classroom experience we aim to provide.

      We recommend that students arrive at least 10 minutes before your class is due to start so that you can get changed and settle in.

      Please DON’T:

      • Wear jewellery that could scratch the poles or injure you (rings, bracelets, big/dangling earrings, anklets, necklaces)
      • Use moisturisers or body lotions on the day of class
      • Use iTac grip agent on our poles
      • Put hands, feet or any other body part on our mirrors - mirrored walls are not to be leaned against or used for handstands
      • Put dirty feet or shoes on our walls
      • Disrupt class by talking loudly while waiting for your own class to start - this includes phone calls, and you may be asked to leave the room



      PLEASE RESPECT THE PRIVACY AND RIGHTS OF OTHERS. Taking pictures and filming instructors demonstrating moves and/or routines during class without permission is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and you may be asked to delete such content and/or leave.

      You may take pictures and/or film yourself during class, without encroaching on the privacy of others around you.

      Please refrain from uploading full routines to online platforms - via Facebook LIVE, Instagram TV or broken up into Instagram carousel clips - as these choreographies are the creative hard work and intellectual property of Breathe Dance Company. 



      Please wear proper attire when participating in classes at our studio.

      • Proper attire includes athletic wear such as opaque fitted shorts, sports bras and/or tank tops, or opaque leggings for Stretch and Floor Flow classes.
      • No transparent material is allowed. G-strings / thongs / see-through lingerie is not meant for public display in our studio and you will be asked to change into appropriate wear or not be allowed to participate in class.
      • Proper underwear IS required UNDER your pole shorts/bikini bottom at all times.
      • No undergarments are allowed to be used in place of workout attire.
      • Please do not walk around public spaces - such as the stairwell, lift landing or reception areas - in your underwear or pole gear (we are a family-friendly studio and share the building with others).
      • Footwear in the studio is limited to indoor-only heels. No outside/street footwear allowed.



        • Please be aware and mindful of personal hygiene and grooming - underwear is a MUST under your pole shorts or bikini bottom.
        • We prefer well-tended gardens. Please prune unruly bushes and bring out the weedwhacker if needed.
        • A shower (or at least a wet-wipe) prior to class on a long, hot, humid day is VERY much appreciated.
        • Wipe down your pole after using it, as well as the floor around you. Only dust mites want your sweat, chalk and hair. The rest of us break out in hives.
        • Please enjoy the bathrooms, facilities and amenities as if they were your own, and keep them clean and tidy for others to use after you. We don't like to make things unnecessarily gross for our poor cleaners.



        Our scheduled Adult courses are for those aged 18 years and above. Anyone below the age of 18 may only take private classes scheduled with an instructor and/or enrol in our Junior courses.

        If you are under the age of 18, we require consent from a parent or legal guardian before you are permitted to take a class or schedule a private session, party or space rental. Your parent or legal guardian must sign a parental consent form. This is for insurance and liability purposes.

        Please feel free to sign up for class online ahead of time, but make sure that you are accompanied by a parent/legal guardian when arriving at the studio for the first time, if you are under the age of 18. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled class or session start time to complete the paperwork.


        WE LOVE & SERVE

        We are an inclusive studio that welcomes everyone who loves to dance.

        We will not tolerate behaviour that is rude, unkind, ageist, racist, sexist, homophobic, body-shaming, discriminatory or disruptive in any way, and we will not hesitate to bar/ban anyone who acts in any manner that undermines these values.