Term 3 is on pause until June 2021. Please refer to our Health Advisory for the latest updates >

Stretch (Open Level)

Stretch (Open Level)

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The perfect complement to your pole dance classes. Our Stretch instructors draw from experience in anatomy, yoga, Pilates and physiotherapy to incorporate active and passive stretches that release tight muscles, unlock stiff joints and increase flexibility over time. Strength conditioning and mobility work will also be included to facilitate movement.

This is an 8-week non-choreography course and Term 3 starts the week of 10 May 2021.


There are no prerequisites and first-timers of all fitness/flexibility levels are welcome.

Stretches and conditioning may be modified for more advanced students to include more flexibility work such as splits and backbends to complement moves required in our pole dance classes.

Attire: Tee/tank top, leggings, socks. Please bring your own yoga mat, personal towel, yoga blocks and stretch bands/straps (not mandatory).