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Week 8 Showtime


A showcase of student performances during week 8 of the term for choreography classes (Monday - Thursday evenings, and Saturday afternoon). There is NO SHOWTIME on Friday & Sunday.

Showtimes are free to attend, and everyone is encouraged to invite your friends and family to come watch!

Each Showtime will also feature instructor performances showcasing the following term’s routines.


There are NO REGULAR CLASSES DURING WEEK 8 FOR POLE CHOREOGRAPHY COURSES (eg. Beginner's Pole, Pole/Floor Flow, Lyrical), i.e. the teaching/instructional term runs for 7 weeks.

Classes only continue for week 8 if you're taking Hammock courses or NON-CHOREOGRAPHY POLE courses (eg. Pole Techniques, Stretch, Adult Ballet), subject to occasional reschedules.

Week 8 Showtime counts as part of the term course and there is NO MAKE UP CHOREOGRAPHY CLASS for those who choose not to participate in Showtime during week 8.


By default, your Showtime day will be the day you have been attending your term class(es) in weeks 1-7 (eg. if you have Lyrical 3 on Mondays at 12.15pm or 6.30pm, your Lyrical 3 Showtime will be on Monday in Week 8).

Pole choreography classes that take place on Fridays and Sundays will be allocated a Showtime slot on one of the Week 8 Showtime days.


  • All Showtime performances will take place in our Spin room at #B1-114 Cross Street Exchange.
  • For weekday (Monday to Thursday) Showtimes, warm up is 6.30pm and rehearsal will run from 7-8pm, followed by Showtime immediately after.
  • For Saturday Showtime, warm up is 12.30pm and rehearsal will run from 1-2pm, followed by Showtime immediately after.
  • Instructors will run rehearsal (1 hour) in the showtime order only once.
  • Performers are encouraged to attend rehearsal in order to be allocated a pole for Showtime, otherwise performance spots are subject to available space.
  • Allocation of poles/dance spaces will be prioritised for those signed up according to the designated Showtime schedule (that we will release in Week 5 of the current term).
  • Videos (of your own performance) are only allowed during rehearsal. There will be NO VIDEOGRAPHY ALLOWED DURING SHOWTIME.