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Health Advisory


Breathe Dance Company has the following covid-19 protocols in place for our community's safety and wellbeing:


All students and visitors are required to do a temperature screen and check in and out via the Safe Entry QR codes (one per floor) each time they visit our studios. If your temperature is above 37.4 deg Celsius, please seek medical attention immediately. You will not be permitted to enter our premises.


Anyone on Stay Home Notice (SHN) or any other government-issued order is NOT PERMITTED to visit our studio.

If you are feeling unwell for any reason - even if you have not travelled - DO NOT VISIT OUR STUDIOS. If you are in doubt, please err on the side of caution and stay home.


  1. BRING YOUR OWN mini spray bottle, which we can top up for you with pole cleaning alcohol solution. Please don't use your own cleaning concoctions, which might damage our poles and equipment.
  2. We have removed all shared spray bottles, cleaning cloths, yoga mats, blocks and other shared accessories. Please bring your own.
  3. Do not loiter before the start of your class. Doors will be opened on time to let others out before admitting the next group of students. Please follow the safe distancing floor markers at the lift landing areas.
  4. Wash your hands with soap immediately upon entering and before leaving our studios. Sanitizers are also readily available at all entrances.
  5. All bags are to be placed on the window ledges only (not on the floors), as these are wiped down between classes.
  6. Class sizes have been reduced to comply with group size restrictions and social distancing measures. Please only use the designated poles that have been marked out.
  7. All classes remain non-contact so there will be no spotting or sharing of poles/equipment.
  8. Please keep your mask on at all times when in our studios and during class.
  9. After class, please wipe down your pole with alcohol solution, and use the paper towels provided to wipe down the floor area around your pole (your instructor will spritz the area with cleaner for you). Please dispose of used paper towels in the bins provided.
  10. Our studios are cleaned and sanitized daily with a medical-grade antiviral mist.
  11. Our showers remain open for use. Soapy showers are a good thing and we encourage them!
  12. Make-up classes are only allowed via direct swap/exchange with another student. No random drop-ins are allowed. If the class is not full, please check with the relevant instructor(s) for availability - which we will manage for physical distancing capacity.
    Thank you for helping to keep us all safe. Take care and stay well everyone!

    With love,
    The Breathe Dance Crew